The Virginia Podiatric Medical Association offers two programs each year for the certification of Radiologic Technologist, limited.

The course is offered at the VPMA Annual Meeting each summer and in the Richmond-area each fall. Continuing education for Rad Tech-limited licensees is offered one time each year, in conjunction with the Summer Scientific Seminar. 

Click HERE to download the Rad Tech Course Description.

Follow these steps to Rad Tech, limited-licensure:

1. Register for and attend Rad Tech Certification Course. Pass the exam. Provide your Rad Tech Log Sheets as requested. (If you do not pass, contact the executive director to schedule a re-take)
2. Upon passing the exam, you will be sent a certificate with your name and date of exam.
3. Contact the Virginia Board of Medicine for Limited-License Podiatry Application. Or, click HERE to download the application.
4. Complete the application and send with the required fee to the Virginia Board of Medicine.
5. Rad Tech limited-licenses renew every two years during your birth month.
6. You will be required to complete 12 hours of continuing education prior to renewal. The VPMA offers 12 hours of continuing education for Rad Techs at each Annual Meeting.
7. The VBM will send you a reminder to renew your license prior to expiration. It is your responsibility to notify them of changes of address so that your renewal is appropriately mailed.
8. Complete the renewal and mail with payment and a copy of the certificate of attendance from the continuing education course as proof of 12 hours of continuing education.

To verify a Limited Rad Tech license, click HERE to be directed to the Licensee Lookup Page at the Virginia Board of Medicine. Under the Occupation tab, scroll down to Limited Radiologic Technologist. Type in the last name of the individual and click Search.

Important notes: 

1. You will not receive certification until you have completed the course, passed the exam, and provided your Rad Tech Log Sheets to the executive director.
2. Keep a copy of your certificate indefinitely. Do not discard. If it is damaged, make a copy and provide that copy to the executive director for a re-printed certificate. This certificate serves as your proof of attendance of the course.
3. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with the Virginia Board of Medicine if you do not receive a renewal reminder. Failure to receive a reminder does not relieve you of your obligation to renew the license in a timely manner. Please notify the Virginia Board of Medicine of address changes if you move. Licenses renew in odd years, during your birthday month.
4. According to statute, you may NOT perform unassisted X-rays in your doctor’s office until you receive notification of license from the Virginia Board of Medicine. Post your license prominently in the office.
5. The VPMA offers 12 hours of continuing education once each year during the Summer Scientific Seminar. If you are unable to attend the Summer Scientific Seminar, home study courses are available through The X-Ray Lady by at They do not have podiatry-specific courses, but do have courses related to radiation protection. There is a cost to participate. Additional resources are available at (on their website, search for foot or ankle).

6. Those who take the exam a second time and do not receive a passing score will be required to take the full Rad Tech Course again. A $100 fee will apply.

The above information is for informational purposes only. If you have questions related to the course, examination or certification, contact the executive director at 877/406-8762.

If you have questions related to licensure, contact the Virginia Board of Medicine, Radiologic Technologist-Limited division at 804/367-3051.