The Virginia Podiatric Medical Association (VPMA) is a professional membership organization, representing and advocating the interests of Doctors of Podiatric Medicine in the Commonwealth. The VPMA is a state component of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Founded in 1912, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the leading resource for foot and ankle health information. Currently, the organization represents a vast majority of the estimated 15,000 licensed podiatrists in the country. The APMA continues to advance the growth and stability of podiatric medicine by increasing nationwide awareness of foot and ankle health through public education and legislative advocacy.

The mission of the APMA – and thus the VPMA – is to advance and advocate for the profession of podiatric medicine and surgery for the benefit of its members and the public

Board of Directors

 Executive Committee
Roland Ramdass, DPM, President
David Pontell, DPM, Vice President
Stanley Idiculla, DPM, Secretary
J. Randolph Clements, DPM, Treasurer
Marc Pinsky, DPM, Immediate Past President

Division Presidents
Zakee Shabazz, DPM, Northern Virginia
Ushita Patel, DPM, Richmond
Rex Diaz, DPM, Hampton Roads
vacant, Southwest

Robert Hallivis, DPM (2016-2019)
John Kim, DPM (2017-2020)
James Baldwin, DPM (2018-2021)

Mid-Atlantic Region Delegates
Kenneth Wilhelm, DPM (2018-2020)
Miki Hori, DPM (2017-2019)

APMA Delegates
David Cho (2016-2019)
Simon Mest, DPM (2017-2020)
Mark Dollard, DPM (2018-2021)

Virginia Board of Medicine Representative
J. Randolph Clements, DPM

Scientific Seminar Committee
Mark Dollard, DPM
David Pontell, DPM
Ushita Patel, DPM
Luke Vetti, DPM
John Kim, DPM

Executive Director
Jean U. Kirk